1. Did you realize that you had this constant dialogue going on inside your head before reading this chapter? Were you able to step back and view it objectively? Did your mind try to argue with your or tell you how silly this was?

2. Did you notice if this voice was a voice of positive reinforcement to the world around you or was it a nagging and judgmental voice? How did it feel to become aware of this voice?

3. Did you have an aha moment when he said that “Eventually you will see that the real cause of problems is not life itself. It’s the commotion the mind makes about life that really causes problems.” Doesn’t this make sense?

4. I constantly am discussing the idea of personal perceptions. I think he does a fabulous job of expressing how and why we all get stuck in our ideas of what is right or wrong and I will take it a step further to say that all your past experiences have helped to create the narration of this voice inside your head. How does that feel and are you able to see that this plays a role your outer and inner world?

5. In only 7 pages of reading, can you see how shifting this book will be? 😉

Please play with these questions, add commentary and lets all get involved with what we got from the chapter and share with each other. I will respond and I hope that you will all be interactive as well! So looking forward to how this manifests!

Happy Saturday!




16 thoughts on “Book Club~ The Untethered Soul ~ Chapter 1 ~ The Voice Inside Your Head

  1. Also, A couple people have told me that they have had problems following the blog. I see mine at the top of the page. Can you please share with everyone how you successfully were able to follow? Thank you !

    1. Mary let me know that she was able to follow from her computer. If you are using a kindle or cell phone you may have an issue. IF you can log on to a computer you should be able to follow : )

  2. How fascinating and enlightening. I can’t count on two hands the number of times I’m asking that voice to quiet down when trying to sleep or concentrate. This voice, ‘my voice’, has not always been positive and I am maybe not so thrilled to admit that it has been judgemental of myself and others.
    I had a moment when he explains how if used properly, my mental voice can become the launching ground for true spiritual awakening~how freeing 🙂
    I am so intrigued and very excited for what I feel may be a truely awakening experience!! Lets go:)

    1. Isn’t that the truth! It is amazing once you become aware. That is why awareness is so important to living a grounded and centered life. If we are not aware of what our mind is doing it will control us and take us for a walk instead of us leading our life, at least from a more spiritual perspective. Most people spend so much time judging others but truly it is because they are in comparison. When we function purely from the mind there is no compassion, no desire to understand another. When we are in the mind we are all about “you”. It becomes a lonely, unsafe and at times abusive place to be within yourself. Once we become aware that the mind is just a part of us, it is much more manageable, if you may say, to shift from that voice to sitting in the space of calm or nothingness when engaging the world. I am really excited for your journey, Jo! Thank you for sharing!

  3. There is so much im thinking after reading this chapter! it was so nice to know i am not alone with a voice in my head! everyone has one. I am even more grateful to know they are just thoughts and not everything i think will manifest into reality, ive honestly been frightened about that. a few years ago i started a new path in my life and that is when i first heard the voice-sometimes it was nice but mostly it was a scared little girl telling me negative things throughout the day, constantly judging myself and others- mostly myself though. It comes natural to me to have compassion for others, ive always been a very forgiving person. the person i was most in struggle with was myself and my relationship with GOD. I have come along way in changing my thinking since then. i am gratefuk for the reminder to keep at it and to not worry so much about it!

    1. Yes, it is so true that it can get you into a frightened state. The ego wins if you always in fear or worrying about things that do not matter! A new path is exciting and scary and you are definitely in for a treat as we take this book further. It is amazingly freeing if you stay aware as we read! Thank you for sharing Mary! The problem and conflict is always with ourselves. ❤

  4. The voice in my head was a major source of pain for me in my 20′s. In my 30′s I learned that it’s just a voice and that nobody hears it so I should not feel guilty for the thought. I also found faith in my 30′s and that also helped quiet that voice and turn it over to God/Universe. I know my true nature is not the voice. I am able to step back and view situations with a different perspective. I am learning compassion and empathy after realizing that everyone makes mistakes and we can’t judge them for this season of their life (ourselves included). Although I think sometimes hormones are a voice I have. I tell my husband, “Your wife has left the building and she may return tomorrow”. And honestly after I recognize that it’s not “me”- I start feeling better.

    1. I have always been aware of this voice in my head but definitely now more than ever. I am in my 20’s and am experiencing this same pain. I have recently finished college and instead of people telling me what to do, people are now asking me what I am going to do with my life and so now this negative voice in my head is constant and nagging and has got me worrying about life decisions all the time. I am hoping that being aware of the voice and consciously trying to calm it can help me to relax and let life happen instead of trying to plan out every aspect of it.

      1. Anna, I honor your decision to not follow the crowd. The twenties should be about finding yourself and coming to terms with what is going to satisfy you in this thing called life. You will love this journey we are on with this book and it is going to give you an awareness that will be priceless as you continue to move through these times. Let Life happen, make a goal of what you would like it feel like or what it may look like and hold on to that ideal loosely. It will happen. When we grip to hard it never works out and we are constantly disappointed!

    2. Portia, I agree with you totally. I remember my twenties being torn between the voice and my spirit. It was an amazingly exciting and fun time of my life and I wouldnt change it for the world, but my thirties have been amazingly grounding as I have learned what the voice is and how it wants to keep me from feeling happiness and contentment. I am so at peace now and sometimes it can offend people. When we gain the awareness that the voice is just that, it becomes a roommate or friend that we can look at and recognize and either react to or just take a deep breathe and remember it is just a voice. I feel so much better being lead by my spirit…

  5. When I first read this chapter a few months ago, I wasn’t quite prepared for the sob fest that ensued, nor the hysterical laughter that immediately followed.

    My sadness was a result of contemplation of the years I spent stuck in my mind and negative thoughts. What surely started as a way to make sense of a chaotic and confusing world, became a methodical way to manipulate reality to be self serving and justify bad behavior and choices in life.

    The laughter came from how incredibly pathetic it all seems now after having become fully aware of it all. I am humble in owning all of those choices, and compassionate to that part of me that lived in fear of living in positivity. It was a hard pill to swallow to admit that the majority of my adult strife came from my own thoughts. I am so thankful for the experiences that have stopped me in my tracks and have challenged me to consider that not knowing or having control in reality trumps being queen in my mind. Ha!!

    Quieting that voice is a daily practice, and I try to stay patient and loving when she goes wild. I’m proud that I have come to realize and believe that I have everything I need to create the stable, loving, incredible life I desire. Inside and out 🙂

    1. Oh Jen!!! And you do have everything to create that, you ARE creating that! I laugh daily at myself and my busy head. That is the thing, we do not ever come to a place where there is nothing unless we are in a practice of meditation or are removed from society. Lol It is a constant daily practice and I believe that is part of the path, we become mindful and we have to practice it daily. You are an amazing woman and as I have often found to be true that the some of the greatest human being I know have suffered the most. Cheers to your suffering, cheers to your awareness, cheers to your growth and I am so grateful for your path!

  6. I have been aware of the voice for a long time, however never had any understanding of what it was. I recently started a daily meditation practice and in doing so have done aa lot of reading and attended a meditation retreat. Now starting to have better understanding of ” the voice” and feeling much more positive about being able to change what I am hearing. I am so excited about this book as I feel it is another step in my journey towards being more positive and compassionate.

  7. I have been aware of these voices inside of my head since age 17. Now, at 23, I find myself neglecting the awareness I am capable of. The voices are thoughts and can be incredibly powerful. A valuable lesson I learned along the years is that my thoughts create my reality.
    It is difficult for me to turn my thoughts off. Today, I feel it is essential to have thoughts in order to function as a productive human being in the world. Although it is equally important to have awareness of my thoughts and be able to reframe or turn them off for a while. This requires the perspective Singer refers to as objectivity. Because as humans, we have been conditioned to second guess, to judge, question and control. If I have awareness of my thoughts I can step back, view them objectively and redirect them if necessary. This voice isn’t me. It’s just a thought.
    When the voice in my head is coming from a place of harsh judgment or criticism, is it really benefitting me? No. Because that thought is most likely far from the truth.
    I connected when Singer wrote about control. I am only trying to make the world around me easier to manage by my thoughts. I don’t see that fact to always have a negative impact though. I need comforting sometimes and if the voice says something that comforts me to get me through, why not? That’s what “God” is for many. A belief, a comfort, a presence guiding throughout life, a voice. I don’t know the reality. I only know my reality.
    As I see it, the voice will always be there but through higher consciousness I can use the voice to work for me or against me. To practice become aware, perhaps I can periodically ask myself, “What purpose is this voice serving?”

    1. Great perspective and as you said not
      Everyone will function that way. The voice, which I call the ego, is definitely not gojng to pack it’s bags and leave. So I think the awareness that it is there, that it is functioning is the foundation of freedom from its hold. Everyone is at some level attempting to control my their outer reality. We were born learning from that moment how to manipulate the world around us to get what we want. We cry, we get attention. We laugh, we get attention. We are bad, we get attention. We grow up and find not so mature social groups that we tend to fit into by talking about others, by sharing our limited view of reality’. The awareness that we have essentially created the voice is empowering in the fact that we can choose to change it. So happy to have you on the journey! Looking forward to more!

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