Be well…

As this long weekend comes to a close, I reflect on it, as I often reflect on everything. I sometimes reflect on my reflecting ๐Ÿ˜‰. Balance is key. Fun, reflecting, working, playing, giving, receiving, it is all about balance. I spent most of the weekend alone, by choice, and always so grateful for that time. Life is truly amazing, on so many levels that if we don’t take the time to really absorb it, we lose that happiness, that appreciation, that gift that we weren’t expecting. We tend to go through life so busy and so fast, constantly looking for stimulation, constantly craving more, yet often not checked in once to ask ourselves, why the craving, why the busy-ness? Humans have become so automatic in most of their daily activities, their life. We are offered so much peace and so much contentment in life, when we are willing to slow down, let go of the need for anything, and breathe, recognizing everything that is good in this world, right now, right here. I am so grateful for my life, the special people in it, the special fur babies, and all the gifts I have to look forward to, daily. May we all learn to be a bit more laid back, a bit more relaxed, a bit more aware of how truly blessed and radiant our lives are. I guarantee you this… If you do not take the time to reflect, you will lose sight of the abundance you have, you will not know the greatness you already are. 
I honor my life and welcome back the daily muses I will return to, but still for awhile, today, I will smile and radiate the happiness and gratitude I have come so close to this weekend during my time.  
Life is so damn good! Be well, be love, be blessed! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒŸ

Intune with the message of Spiritย 

So a pretty amazing story, this morning.  
Wayne Dyer was and still is one my greatest teachers and inspiration. I have had several conversations with people over the last week about his unexpected death. Their sadness was a bit alarming to me, who felt so much peace in his passing. You see, when you love from a space of such spiritual faith, you know that death is simply a transition, not an ending. The only ending is in the life of the physical body that was only animated by the physiological responses to the spirit within. I know this as my truth, and I felt, on some levels, grateful that now he would be a part of the omnipresence of this existence that I feel so close to. So during conversations with people that have found sadness, I’ve tried to mention thoughts of solace for their attachment to his physical presence, and tried to turn their attention to the fact that he is, without a doubt, free, happy and watching over us all now.  
So, yesterday, I am with my mother, whom is also a huge Wayne lover. We talk briefly and share how much we feel connected to his presence now and just how grateful we both have been for him. I made a comment about how I feel closer to him, now, than ever before. Mom and I high five each other, smile huge, and give hugs before I leave. Fast forward to the evening, I am out to dinner with friends, I go into Shulers Book store ( which I frequent), I look around and go to the used sections books. Low and behold, I find my first and favorite Wayne Dyer book, that I have read, open it up, and see this!!!! A signed copy, his signature on the first page. I smiled widely, payed for my book and left. (Thank you, thank you, thank you) 
Thanks Wayne, once again, you remind me that I am always guided, always supported, always protected, always loved. Wayne, I am so grateful to know the things I know, live the life I live, and feel the things I feel! Thank you for the clear message of this, yesterday, that we are not these meat covered skeletons just walking around collecting riches of material gain. We are so much more. We are infinite. We are timeless. We are perfection. We are souls that are here on this journey, together. We can live a life of wonder and happiness or we can live a life of hardships and pain. The deal is, you choose!!! There is always a choice, and my friends, you are always supported, you are always being guided, if you listen, if you feel, and if you learn to get intune with the voice inside your being.  
I am simply at peace with the world, today. Wayne Dyer, thank you for all your lessons, all your love and all your wisdom, while you were in a physical body, and from the beyond. Thank you for this gift. This girl loves you, no differently. ๐ŸŒŸ 


Super Full Moon Energy & Relationships ~ Choices.ย 

This Super Full Moon, yesterday, has lead many people off their tracks. It’s ok! It happens! It is alarming in the presence of the upheaval, but it is happening the way it is suppose too. I’ll tell you now that I have, for three days now, observed major dramas play out in relationships and the karma that may have been sitting, dormant. We are always faced with choices. Do we stay or do we leave. Feels right to share, this morning, that you don’t have to decide anything, right now. Be tolerant with yourself and others. Notice and be aware of the situation. Is it bringing things to the surface that have been getting swept under the rug? Is it creating conversation that needed to happen? Is it opening the way to forgiveness and understanding? Is it an opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of the relationship? Or… Is it time to learn to let go, to move on, to honor you? In those moments of trying to decide which way to go, breathe, feel, don’t close up and trust that you will know. Be courageous, yet be gentle. Full moon energy has the tendency to create
change, to bring things out.    
Energies are strong, but you are stronger. Awareness is always key. May we all feel safe, loved, strong, secure, open and find courage to have faith that no matter what, everything is gonna be alright!  
Good vibes ~

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Confidence ~ย 

Confidence… Several things come to mind when this word is spoken, or felt.  Confidence, in my mind, is so attractive. It’s attractive in the sense that it means you know who you are, you know what you love, what you need, what makes you happy, what direction you are headed, what empowers you and you are not afraid to create a life of your ideal.  Confidence, in my being, is so necessary.  It allows me to stand solid in my daily moments of drama being conveyed by other People’s realities.  It allows me to stand up for myself, for my beliefs, my values, my goals and my feelings.  It is something that I value, now that I have arrived at true authentic confidence.  Confidence, courage, contentment.  I am humbly confident, and confidently humble…  

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Love, Freedom, Aloneness ~ OSHO ~ Chapter 2 ~

Love Yourself ~

It’s an interesting space I sit in when you look at how all the institutions and organizations of the world do try to teach you it is selfish to love yourself. I Believe that to truly love another and hold a place of authentic compassion and empathy we must love ourselves. That is my truth. Love is the nourishment for the soul, and I love to be in constant contact with that part of myself. You? Love should not be a burden, ever, I know it can be a service, a selfless act at times how we love our partner, our parents, our children, our friends, but it should never feel like a job. We love others as we love ourselves. It can become a joy to share that love. “The man that loves himself enjoys the love so much, becomes so blissful, that the love starts overflowing, it starts reaching others”, resonates with me so much. Ever felt someone’s energy that was miserable and self sabatoging? If you have, you know it doesn’t feel good. You almost will feel repelled, sad, concerned. Ever been around someone who loves them self and takes pride in where they are in life? Someone who smiles and appreciates life as it is? You feel empowered, you smile, it feels good. This is the difference in a person who loves themselves and one that does not! Love yourself!

“You are a host, God is your guest”. I have often been criticized and judged for my perception of myself as a great being. I have been told by the religious that I should not feel this way. I have been told that it is ungodly and a sin to believe in myself more than God. Well, here is the deal, as I love myself and believe in myself, I am honoring God! I am giving such gratitude for the perfection of my being that God created. How can one separate these two? If you are a creation of God, how can you not believe in yourself and love yourself? This is where I call madness in mans beliefs. God guides me daily, perfectly, trustingly and I am so grateful to allow him to fill me, to allow myself to enjoy this physical body that hosts my spirit, this creative mind that propels the physical ness of who I am! I say celebrate yourself! Love yourself!!!!

Meditation is a deep relationship with yourself. Who would want to spend time in ugliness all the time, in chaos, sadness and darkness? We become lovingly accepting towards ourself in mediation. I believe this is one of the reasons so many move away from mediation. It can be hard when we begin because we are working to let go of all the lies, pain and bs that we have existed with. It takes courage and deep desire to find yourself to explore the spaces that keep you from loving yourself. I say go there, get comfy, Let it all come up. The pay off is beautiful. So let me ask this question, can you be an observer and see where it is you hide from yourself? How you hide? Are you aware that you have been hiding?

Do you realize that you are then projecting out on to others what you Believe to be true? It’s ridiculous when you look at it. We think others think and feel the way we do, and it is so damaging to relationships. Can you see where you may have done this with a lover? Become aware of your mind, be aware of what It is doing to you in your life. We all know to be be an observer of our thoughts. When we can be the observer, we can create a life that is more centered, we can be more aware I what we are doing.

Man is a meeting of mind, body, and soul. How does this make you feel?