Confidence ~ 

Confidence… Several things come to mind when this word is spoken, or felt.  Confidence, in my mind, is so attractive. It’s attractive in the sense that it means you know who you are, you know what you love, what you need, what makes you happy, what direction you are headed, what empowers you and you are not afraid to create a life of your ideal.  Confidence, in my being, is so necessary.  It allows me to stand solid in my daily moments of drama being conveyed by other People’s realities.  It allows me to stand up for myself, for my beliefs, my values, my goals and my feelings.  It is something that I value, now that I have arrived at true authentic confidence.  Confidence, courage, contentment.  I am humbly confident, and confidently humble…  

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Embrace your Greatness


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Love, Freedom, Aloneness ~ OSHO ~ Chapter 2 ~

Love Yourself ~

It’s an interesting space I sit in when you look at how all the institutions and organizations of the world do try to teach you it is selfish to love yourself. I Believe that to truly love another and hold a place of authentic compassion and empathy we must love ourselves. That is my truth. Love is the nourishment for the soul, and I love to be in constant contact with that part of myself. You? Love should not be a burden, ever, I know it can be a service, a selfless act at times how we love our partner, our parents, our children, our friends, but it should never feel like a job. We love others as we love ourselves. It can become a joy to share that love. “The man that loves himself enjoys the love so much, becomes so blissful, that the love starts overflowing, it starts reaching others”, resonates with me so much. Ever felt someone’s energy that was miserable and self sabatoging? If you have, you know it doesn’t feel good. You almost will feel repelled, sad, concerned. Ever been around someone who loves them self and takes pride in where they are in life? Someone who smiles and appreciates life as it is? You feel empowered, you smile, it feels good. This is the difference in a person who loves themselves and one that does not! Love yourself!

“You are a host, God is your guest”. I have often been criticized and judged for my perception of myself as a great being. I have been told by the religious that I should not feel this way. I have been told that it is ungodly and a sin to believe in myself more than God. Well, here is the deal, as I love myself and believe in myself, I am honoring God! I am giving such gratitude for the perfection of my being that God created. How can one separate these two? If you are a creation of God, how can you not believe in yourself and love yourself? This is where I call madness in mans beliefs. God guides me daily, perfectly, trustingly and I am so grateful to allow him to fill me, to allow myself to enjoy this physical body that hosts my spirit, this creative mind that propels the physical ness of who I am! I say celebrate yourself! Love yourself!!!!

Meditation is a deep relationship with yourself. Who would want to spend time in ugliness all the time, in chaos, sadness and darkness? We become lovingly accepting towards ourself in mediation. I believe this is one of the reasons so many move away from mediation. It can be hard when we begin because we are working to let go of all the lies, pain and bs that we have existed with. It takes courage and deep desire to find yourself to explore the spaces that keep you from loving yourself. I say go there, get comfy, Let it all come up. The pay off is beautiful. So let me ask this question, can you be an observer and see where it is you hide from yourself? How you hide? Are you aware that you have been hiding?

Do you realize that you are then projecting out on to others what you Believe to be true? It’s ridiculous when you look at it. We think others think and feel the way we do, and it is so damaging to relationships. Can you see where you may have done this with a lover? Become aware of your mind, be aware of what It is doing to you in your life. We all know to be be an observer of our thoughts. When we can be the observer, we can create a life that is more centered, we can be more aware I what we are doing.

Man is a meeting of mind, body, and soul. How does this make you feel?

Your Power Lies Within…

Your power lies within. It surely won’t be found outside yourself, right? Your awareness of this truth is your first step to living a life of happiness, contentment and ease! Nobody or no thing will give you the power or pursuit you desire other than yourself. Stop beating yourself up and lift yourself. Stop setting the bar so low and show up. Stop letting others dictate your mood and choose to be happy. Stop playing victim when you are your own victor! Mindset and perception are what carry us forward into a fulfilling and happy life. If you are focusing on what you don’t have, when you get this or get that, when another person loves you or sees your value, you are setting yourself up for a bad ride. Why would you allow anyone or anything outside of yourself to have any power over your good mood? Why would you allow anyone to ever make you question your worth? When the question is laid out like this, you realize how rediculous it sounds, so stop! You are your own best friend, you are your own worst enemy, which will you choose to invest in? Your power lies within! Your power is in your choice this moment. Your power is waiting to be tapped, TAP IT!


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Bringing the Best You Forward ~

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

We are sitting with some really intense energy, today, as we have the August Supermoon upon us! Can you feel it? Have you felt it for the past week building? I certainly have. Epic ah-has occur as we break free from the bond of conformity and learn to breathe our own air. What do you want, what have you been hiding, what will make you happy? All questions that have been coming to the surface over the last couple weeks. Today, the energy builds. Are you questioning your sense of reality, what direction you will go, have you felt at a dead end or like something is changing? Well you are being offered the universal support to make the radical tweakings this may involve.

All About Being True To You ~

So, what does that mean for you? What will that shake up inside of you? You can sit and sense the energy but will you sit long enough to allow it to come up into conscious thought so that you can really get to know it, really become aware of it and to ultimately make the adjustments that will support you being on the path that is best suited for you, now. Your soul is calling, your being is being beckoned, and now is a powerful time to achieve that which you desire!

I am often dumb founded, as I sit and listen to people talk about their lives. They will actually talk and as they begin to discuss certain things that they are unhappy with, what they are not aware they are doing, is creating themselves to be some sort of victim of circumstance. It is physically and spiritually painful for me to sit with at times. I want to stand up and shake them and say, do you realize who is in control of your life? You!!!! Do you realize that if you used 50 % of your energy to create a path that is desired by you, you would slowly get there. Do you realize that YOU are the only person that change your life and ultimately create your happiness and contentment? Do you realize that you have allowed your potential to be smothered by the conformity of this culture in which you try so hard to be a part of? Do you recognize that the more you resist the change you need, the unhappier you are? I could go on and on, challenging the wounded psyche that believes that life is only what is presented. As I just mentioned, It pains me, it saddens me, thus I write and offer as much as I can to assist people the support to get out of their own way! It is time for us to look at a new way, a way to break free, a way to believe, a way to build, a way to know our passions, our pursuits of happiness and to commit a new way to traveling towards creating that new reality, for ourselves and everyone around us.

Why do we play small? What part of not showing up 100%, everyday, feels good? What part of looking at our life and feeling unhappy makes us decide to go dormant? What is it that scares us so much or numbs us to the point that we just sit back, unhappy, sad, feelings of defeat of powerlessness and just exist there? Well, I have my ideas, and I will share. It is mere habit. It is mere mental habit. We are constantly bombarded with ideas of suffering for others, for playing it safe, for not allowing what we want to be important. I say, RIDICULOUS! We are a clan of beings that have been vexed by religious conformity, political vendettas and corporate marketing to dumb us down, take away our primal senses and keep us feeling like, if we want to be accepted, we should do it this way or that way. We are living out old wounds, old failures and out of date ideals for a healthy and whole life. MAny have become completely complacent. Isn’t it time for you define what your life should look and feel like? Isn’t it important to do this for all the people that we love and care for as well? What about being an example of authentic living? What about those children watching and learning, day in and day out, what you are doing? They are taking on your habits. We owe to ourselves and to others to stop playing small. We deserve, just as much as another, to be happy, really happy!!

Take the time to really get in touch with what is tugging at your soul, your being, and take a few moments, hours, days, to really ponder what it would feel like to be living out your idealized life. Would it really be that bad? Would it really take that much to rise above the conditions that are squishing your life force? Do you really think there is any other way to arrive at happiness and contentment than through your own pursuits? No, there is not. No one else can give it to you, no objet can truly fulfill you, no drug can contain you, no grief can kill you and no momentary sensual satisfaction can define you. I could go on and on and on…

Take your power back, look at your life, what do you want? What do you not want? What can you do, today, in one small way, to get you moving closer to your ideal life?

Now, take that step, as small as it is, and breathe… You will feel the energy of life moving through you, you will know that you are waking back up, you will begin the greatest journey that you have ever imagined and look who is doing it, who is creating it… YOU!

Controlling Others ~ Out of Control

Today I ask why it is that others attempt to be so controlling. The interesting part of this question is that it provokes intense thoughts and actually spawns many answers.

The truth, as I see it, is that most have absolutely no idea they are doing it. This truth allows me to enter a space of compassion as to how they seem to be so out of control. Get it… See it? When one human being is trying to control another human being, they ultimately are the one that is completely out of control! No self worth, no centering, no respect of another persons life and lessons. You see, it is so easy to look out from your body and be quick to judge, to want to direct, to feel superior, to act better, to place blame, to want to tell someone what they need to do for their happiness or to live a better life. But truly you have no idea what would make the other person happy, or what would fulfill that persons life. We are breed from a culture that is passively controlling everyone with hidden images, tag lines, laws, philosophies and ideals of the perfect lifestyles, but we are not cookie cut beings. We have so much ridiculous potential, if we choose to focus there, but instead we use our innate force and will to try to fix others, tell them how to be, how to make you happy, what they are doing wrong, why you do it better and completely ignoring the real issue at hand, your own mental madness. You have been bombarded for years with other peoples ideas, brands, images, desires, wants, dislikes and you have formed an ideal image of what you think perception is. What you see in error in others is ultimately something you may be struggling with yourself. The problem is that each of us have the conscious ability to create our own ideals. So, we have billions of people, all individuals, with individualized thinking, whether conditioned of not, and if you are not aware of many things, you will think that others should operate just like you. Not true! This is your madness. What is right for one, may be absolutely absurd to another, and that is ok.

I hear people tell me all the time how happy they are, how in control they are, how life is great, but then when I observe them, there are many non congruencies with their statement. It is of the highest emotional intelligence and stellar intention, In each relationship, to allow the other to show up the way they are! If you can not do this, at least be honest enough to tell the other person that you are struggling to accept them. Be vulnerable, if you want them in your life, and do the work to find what the real issue is with this. If you can not accept them, do them a favor and leave them alone.

Life is about sharing, experiencing, growing, learning, being, influencing, and you may want to take some quiet time to explore what you are doing, or being.

I can not be controlled, I will not be controlled and I would never, ever consider to ask another to meet my ideals. A little glimpse of my freedom is that I allow you to show up as you, if I like and it feels good, great! I then being a relation to see if we have deeper context to share and experience together. If so, lovely. If not, that is ok!

I am in a space of realizing how much people in our culture are going mad trying to control their lives, and others.

Breathe. Open, let go, breathe again. Life is grandiose of opportunities and wanting to pour beautiful experiences onto you. How will you see or be open to it if you are in a close fisted mentality to how it should already be?

You can not control another human being, you can not. You will not be happy attempting to do so, you will not. You must allow each person to dance their dance, learn their lessons, show up as they show up. Learn to be an observer. Learn to be picky. Learn to use discernment of what you allow in your intimate circle, for this is what you will create in your life. If you really believe that you can control your life, keep at it, and when you realize you are literally out of control, let me know. I will, without a doubt, offer you any reflection of your own being…

I want you to be free, as free as me.

~ Angela