Mindful Wellness in an Unwell Season

To be sick is such an undertaking; physically, mentally and energetically. Of course we all want wellness and when we feel that we do not have it, it becomes our identity.  We feel awful, as we can’t find energy to move, our head pounds, our body’s vibrate differently as the immune system works so hard to purge the viral or bacteria infection that has invaded.   We would give anything to just feel “normal” again.  Living in the northern climate, it is the season of this unfortunate happening, for many.  Thus, I wanted to offer my advice and go to Recipe for Getting Well!  I see people struggle to find a balance of honoring the illness and making decisions to support that happening while trying to stay paced in our daily routines.

I would first offer that it is important to understand that when the body is sick, it is happening on a deep internal physical level, as well as the releasing of phlegm and/or other ways of evacuation that the system uses to rid itself of invading offenders.  The immune system kicks into overdrive and without getting to in depth here, it needs all the energy it can use to be able to fight with gusto! This means eating simple, light meals, and keeping lots of clean and clear liquids flowing.  The heavier you get with your food choices, the more energy then goes to the digestive process which slows down healing.  The old adage of “Starving a cold” is not so ridiculous, however it can be misperceived.  The other misconception, in my book, is that you must eat big meals to fuel your system during these times.  SO NOT TRUE.  So what do you do? I know what I do, and I know it works for me, and I want to share, as I do think I carry some weight in knowing the body and what is healthy and what is not. You can determine if it works for you, if you choose to try it, or if you are just curious, read on.

  1. Eat Small, Eat Light, Eat Right.   My diet, when not well consists solely of liquid foods, with a protein source and sodium  to keep my energy levels and water retention good.  We need both, but what we do not need is an overload of carbohydrates as we need to rest, which means that we will not be doing much to burn those calories, and thus, the system will get weighed down as it works to metabolize them.  I understand the if you are vomiting, and you can only keep crackers down, you eat crackers, but it is not ideal for the internal environment of healing.  The liquids are important to keep the phlegm moving and the immune system moving.  It is so important to understand that the immune system does not have a pump, so we must keep it moving, or it will be stagnated and returned health will be slowed. The way to keep it moving, internally is through liquids.
  2. Rest, Relax, Honor the Body’s need to heal.  We must give the body time to heal.  I understand that so many have things to do, places to be, people to see, but you will be functioning less than ideal in a state of illness. The other feeling here is that we must honor other peoples health and not risk spreading the germs to everyone we meet on our path.  The body that falls ill,  fell ill because it was not in an ideal state of immunity.  We all get sick, and I try to see it as a time of reset.  I think, “OK, I have been going, going, going, and now I have to sit and relax and restore my vitality again”. Not everyone feels this way, but I do believe that we can strengthen our immunity so that we are not as susceptible to falling ill.
  3. Less Is Best, in accordance with medications.  When we are sick, and we take over the counter meds, we are treating the symptoms and pushing down the cause. I know it is horrible, and at times these medications can feel like a god send, but it is not healthy for you to get into a mindset that you need a decongestant to get through your day.  Let that stuff drain.  That is the only way to get it out.  In my personal experience with myself and others, once meds are taken, the time doubles that it would normally take to get back to thriving health.  These medications trick the nervous system, which creates a dramatic pause in the natural ability for quick healing.
  4. Supplements Do Help but Not Necessary!  Our bodies know how to heal and want to heal.  That is the greatest truth of our physical constitution.  The body is actually amazing. I mean, ridiculously amazing!  A whole different topic, I could go on and on about.  I am so in love with the perfection of this body we house.  It is, by far, the most amazing creation, ever! Back to supplements for the body, there are a few key ones during time of weakened immunity.  Basic formula is Vitamin C, Zinc, and Garlic supplements.  These are my go to.  Everyone is different, but these three are my “Booya” remedy!  I envelop that with tea, homemade soup, oranges and apples and allow the natural process of healing to happen.
  5. Positive Affirmations.  It may sound silly, but it is so true! Remind yourself of your body’s perfection.  Program yourself for great health.  Some of my favorites are as follows:  I am in perfect health. My body is in perfect health.  I am healing. I am grateful for a healthy body that knows how to heal. I choose health.  I also remind myself that there can be a gift in getting sick, which is, MY BODY AND MIND NEED REST.  It can be seen as a time of silent retreat and restorative action to be taken . This is mindfulness in action.  No-one likes being sick, but we can reframe it not to be so defeating, but remind us that we should be placing our health as the highest priority in life. I mean, honestly, what else is more important?  NOTHING!


My five stages of treating the seasons menacing visitors are as stated above.

I have a couple “go to recipes” that I would suggest, and if you are interested, let me know and I will add them to a comment here.  I can tell you this, even with the WORST case of flu I have ever experienced, I am back in action no more than three days later.

In a world of extroverted active hustle and bustle during the wintery season, seek some good ole comfort in caring for yourself; body, mind and spirit.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.  May your season be health filled, love infused and solace seeking!




The Christmas Tree

The beauty of the Christmas tree alone inspired me to reflect on the beauty of the season. Going a little deeper, it brings up many lovely memories of time past. My grandmother Nina comes to mind, as she created such a ridiculously wonderful Christmas experience for all of us in our family. She was honestly the most amazing woman in the world to me. There will never be a human that compares to her, in my eyes. She had the most gorgeously decorated home, with the most ambient tree I had ever seen. We were blessed, privileged, and quite enamored with the whole idea of Santa Claus, the fireplace chimney, the presents, the stockings, the mystery of his ride around the globe to deliver cheer, the smells of apple pies, pecan pies, roasts of different meats, the sweet potatoes, the coffee, the adults sipping on their cocktails, laughter and happiness all around, nuts and candies in dishes which were laid out on every table in the home and the music that softly played in the background. It was magical. It was one of the most perfect human experiences I have had. It is a very nostalgic space for me, as I sit here reading, the beauty of lights in my peripheral, the smell of coffee next to me and the warm memories that occupy my psyche of the most amazing times of my life.  
This child like wonder is something we could all use a bit of, if not more than a bit, to remind us to not take life so seriously, to enjoy our simple things. Creating memories with those we love, allowing ourselves to realize the beauty all around us, the idea of how simple it is to find solace in what seems to be tumultuous time, and reminding our selves every day of the truth that is right here, right now, in this very moment, that we have the ability to be grateful for the good we have had, the ability to create more from that space, and the awareness to know that we should stay focused on the beauty of it all!  
Life has become so fast. Life has taken some down roads leading nowhere, essentially. Life is what we choose. Life is gorgeous mystery. Saying this, we know that life is essentially good, and it is in our own personal power to create more of that for ourselves, and for those around us. Let us always remember the way that those before us have changed our lives for the better, and practice sharing that with others. Be an example. Be a light. Be a warrior of light. Do not stop. Shine! Bring forth all that good so that we continue to shower the earth with illuminated gratitude and giving.  
Namaste, love to all, and blessing abundant…

Tragedy, Empathy, confusion, and Love ~ My humble insight into the shootings in Orlando. 

In regards to the shootings in Orlando, I was not going to comment but I felt inclined to do so. Automatic writing, per say…
It truly is tragic, on so many levels. To be lost in a sea of anger, rage and hate so heavy that your desire is to take people’s precious life is not only horrible, it is bewildering to the emotional, mental, and stable human being. We must take a look at how sick our religions are, how much our childhood effects a persons mentality, how fearful people are, and how extremism is born from fear and trauma that get stored in the body due to these experiences and dogmas we grow with. We must take into account that we can not do anything to change what this man has done, but become more aware of how these people are so sick. His hate and pain created a huge ripple effect into our world with his actions of his repressed anger and judgements of what he “believed” was right or wrong. None of it matters, anymore, other than knowing we must change, as a whole. As society acts, society is. This was a man that had a background of abuse, extreme religions, and abused his wife. It is beyond comprehension, but I might offer this… 
Detach from the anger and rage you may feel towards him, and apply love to those that are mourning the loss of their loved ones, the souls that left to early, and love to ourselves for having to experience such extreme hate in our world.  
Let’s begin to become aware that No one is safe from the confines of an injured psyche that is to often ignored as we look for these boxes to fit into. Moving forward, may we all find peace and love in our hearts and the bravery and courage to know right from wrong and act on it always. 
Extremism in Religion, guns, radical idealism and hate mongers are ramped up in this world, right now. Make a conscious choice to shift from such “group” mentality and see the world as a whole bathed in light and send love to all around. Express your love, your kindness, your truth wherever you can.  
The pain and anger is justified. I only hope to spread light on a situation that is not only present, but prominent, and the only way for change is through choosing good. That is it. Point blank. We can not fix the rage and sickness with more rage and misdirected anger.  
May all of their souls rest well and may we learn from this awful event that there is a problem in this world, and that problem is fear and hate. May we look inside and find someway to find peace during this disgusting period of confusion and pain. 
I will be lighting candles for the next week to honor their innocence and loss of life. Join me.

Profound Truth

Just the headline itself is often enough to cause an internal reaction.  Have you found what you claim as truth in this world? Do you notice that it drifts often  as society so easily changes its versions of what is real and what is not?  People are bombarded daily with what they should adopt as truth.  Have you searched your soul, your educational facility, your work place, your relationships,  your church or organizations you involve your self with?  Have you found that you end up in a routine, daily, that feels like you are being pulled instead of driving? Have you found your profound truth?  

Does our world promote a life that is vested in finding peace, truth and and freedom or does it constantly berate you with the scenes of gossip, malicious illusions and lies that keep your fear and drama running the show?  In a world that has a system set up in right and wrongs, blacks and whites,we have come to live in the gray.  We no longer know what we believe or stand for much of anything as we are constantly being dragged by the current fad or potential new age truth that will give you what you are looking for.  It is all so pretentious and plays on your desire to find the truth, to feel the freedom you so crave, or in most manners it actually creates so much fear so that you won’t look to be a free thinker or freedom monger.  Here’s what I have chosen, and it is only what is right for me, but I offer it to you as an avenue to explore into your own personal freedom and extreme contentment; Do not involve your self in the lies of society.  Drop it.  Get out of the gray. Let go of the scandals, the fashion show, the heady intellectual wars, global warming, the perceived oil wars.  Let go of all the space in your mind and body in which you engage in this thinking or concern.  What we focus on is absolutely what we will experience and all of these things create disease and tension.  One drama after another creates stress, division and ultimately, unhappiness.  It is literally laced with one catastrophe after another.

The solution to this issue is quite simple, stop depending on this society to for your happiness or sense of belonging.  It will not happen.  You still play the game of society but you are not in it.  The old saying, “be in this world, but not of this world”, comes to mind.  Use your truth and sprinkle it everywhere, instead of being a sponge for the pain, lies, and constant drama of this society.  “If you wear this, you will look good.  If you do this, you will be liked. If you attain this, you will be happy.”  No.  If you find your own personal freedom, happiness is yours.

My thoughts on what create true happiness are this, NEVER COMPROMISE.  That is it.  Don’t stay where you are not wanted, do not stop the goal setting, do not dress to fit in, do not decide that if you can’t have what you want, you will settle.  As a matter of fact, that is the other statement, NEVER SETTLE.  Do not let anyone tell you that what you desire is delusional or that you should settle for what you have because its good enough.  The only thing I am willing to “settle” in to, is what I know I want, what I deserve and what I am working to attain, daily.  Do not stop living a meaningful and intentional life.  Do not give up on your dream because someone else tells you that it’s foolish, that you should just be happy where you are.  Stay committed and focused on the life that you want.  The worst thing that could ever happen in my life would be to look back one day and realize I settled for a lie.  It would break my heart to know that I didn’t believe in my dream and go after what I knew I was creating with 100% of my being.  I can not think of anything more earth shattering for myself.

The most courageous life is a life that is lived with 100% honesty and vulnerability.  This may mean that in your pursuit of your happiness, you may leave a relationship, a secure job, an organization, a church, whatever it may be, but ultimately you are allowing yourself the choice to live a live that you are choosing!  Do not allow others to dim your light.  There is nothing great about dimming your light so that others can feel better.  There is nothing grandiose about a life that is lived unauthentically.  There is nothing more scary than making big life decisions, but I tell you now, there is nothing sadder than living a life less than what you know you deserve.

You can continue to hide in the corners of the room, sloping down into your chair to make others feel safe, not speak up for what you believe, and staying somewhere that your being is suffering.  Yes, you can do this. The other option is for you to stand in your own power, step into the center of the room where the light is shining bright and decide that your happiness is worthy of decisions that you will make for you!  NEVER COMPROMISE.  Do not play small.  Know what you want and go for it.  Step into your truth and manifest that reality.  Give it everything and watch you happiness elevate to levels of extreme.  The choice is yours and we are all making these choices every moment, of every day.

Choose Freedom.  Choose Happiness.  Choose Truth.

My hope for you today, is that you believe in your happiness, and you never settle for anything less than a life of love, growth and constant gratitude for the gift of choice.








Be well…

As this long weekend comes to a close, I reflect on it, as I often reflect on everything. I sometimes reflect on my reflecting 😉. Balance is key. Fun, reflecting, working, playing, giving, receiving, it is all about balance. I spent most of the weekend alone, by choice, and always so grateful for that time. Life is truly amazing, on so many levels that if we don’t take the time to really absorb it, we lose that happiness, that appreciation, that gift that we weren’t expecting. We tend to go through life so busy and so fast, constantly looking for stimulation, constantly craving more, yet often not checked in once to ask ourselves, why the craving, why the busy-ness? Humans have become so automatic in most of their daily activities, their life. We are offered so much peace and so much contentment in life, when we are willing to slow down, let go of the need for anything, and breathe, recognizing everything that is good in this world, right now, right here. I am so grateful for my life, the special people in it, the special fur babies, and all the gifts I have to look forward to, daily. May we all learn to be a bit more laid back, a bit more relaxed, a bit more aware of how truly blessed and radiant our lives are. I guarantee you this… If you do not take the time to reflect, you will lose sight of the abundance you have, you will not know the greatness you already are. 
I honor my life and welcome back the daily muses I will return to, but still for awhile, today, I will smile and radiate the happiness and gratitude I have come so close to this weekend during my time.  
Life is so damn good! Be well, be love, be blessed! 💛💫🌟

Intune with the message of Spirit 

So a pretty amazing story, this morning.  
Wayne Dyer was and still is one my greatest teachers and inspiration. I have had several conversations with people over the last week about his unexpected death. Their sadness was a bit alarming to me, who felt so much peace in his passing. You see, when you love from a space of such spiritual faith, you know that death is simply a transition, not an ending. The only ending is in the life of the physical body that was only animated by the physiological responses to the spirit within. I know this as my truth, and I felt, on some levels, grateful that now he would be a part of the omnipresence of this existence that I feel so close to. So during conversations with people that have found sadness, I’ve tried to mention thoughts of solace for their attachment to his physical presence, and tried to turn their attention to the fact that he is, without a doubt, free, happy and watching over us all now.  
So, yesterday, I am with my mother, whom is also a huge Wayne lover. We talk briefly and share how much we feel connected to his presence now and just how grateful we both have been for him. I made a comment about how I feel closer to him, now, than ever before. Mom and I high five each other, smile huge, and give hugs before I leave. Fast forward to the evening, I am out to dinner with friends, I go into Shulers Book store ( which I frequent), I look around and go to the used sections books. Low and behold, I find my first and favorite Wayne Dyer book, that I have read, open it up, and see this!!!! A signed copy, his signature on the first page. I smiled widely, payed for my book and left. (Thank you, thank you, thank you) 
Thanks Wayne, once again, you remind me that I am always guided, always supported, always protected, always loved. Wayne, I am so grateful to know the things I know, live the life I live, and feel the things I feel! Thank you for the clear message of this, yesterday, that we are not these meat covered skeletons just walking around collecting riches of material gain. We are so much more. We are infinite. We are timeless. We are perfection. We are souls that are here on this journey, together. We can live a life of wonder and happiness or we can live a life of hardships and pain. The deal is, you choose!!! There is always a choice, and my friends, you are always supported, you are always being guided, if you listen, if you feel, and if you learn to get intune with the voice inside your being.  
I am simply at peace with the world, today. Wayne Dyer, thank you for all your lessons, all your love and all your wisdom, while you were in a physical body, and from the beyond. Thank you for this gift. This girl loves you, no differently. 🌟 


Super Full Moon Energy & Relationships ~ Choices. 

This Super Full Moon, yesterday, has lead many people off their tracks. It’s ok! It happens! It is alarming in the presence of the upheaval, but it is happening the way it is suppose too. I’ll tell you now that I have, for three days now, observed major dramas play out in relationships and the karma that may have been sitting, dormant. We are always faced with choices. Do we stay or do we leave. Feels right to share, this morning, that you don’t have to decide anything, right now. Be tolerant with yourself and others. Notice and be aware of the situation. Is it bringing things to the surface that have been getting swept under the rug? Is it creating conversation that needed to happen? Is it opening the way to forgiveness and understanding? Is it an opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of the relationship? Or… Is it time to learn to let go, to move on, to honor you? In those moments of trying to decide which way to go, breathe, feel, don’t close up and trust that you will know. Be courageous, yet be gentle. Full moon energy has the tendency to create
change, to bring things out.    
Energies are strong, but you are stronger. Awareness is always key. May we all feel safe, loved, strong, secure, open and find courage to have faith that no matter what, everything is gonna be alright!  
Good vibes ~

Change Your Life

It is an interesting concept, to really comprehend, that what we focus on becomes our reality. However interesting, however cynical, however contemplative you may be, it is true. What the mind is constantly thinking, and what the body and emotions are feeling, is what you will experience, day to day. We have forgotten just how astounding the human brain and energy system is. We have become so compliant to the day to day routine that we forget that we have choices in this life that we are experiencing. 
There is a disease that is spreading through man, and that is a disease of the mind. It is a disease that allows you question your potential, your desires, your ability to create the life that calls to you in the moments of quiet calm. It is a disease that allows you to feel comfortable in situations that are not serving your highest good, because on some level you do not trust your self to be better than ok. It is a disease that allows you to sink down into the smallest part of the existence of your being, which is a tragedy and quite literally, a lower than life experience, that you have come to except as reality. This disease is not one you see, but feel. You see, the mind is a tricky thing. The mind is a very powerful antenna that is sending out vibes all day long and attracting back exactly what you are sending out into the world.
We must come to the space in which we experience our greatness, even for a moment, in which you begin to question what you have allowed to be your experience. This is my greatest hope for people. Find your peace, from that peace, find your strength, from that strength, find your courage, and from that courage, find your bravery to be vulnerable enough to begin to create the life you truly want. Nothing changes if you do not change. To break a cycle, to rise above, to change, to shift, is to know and become aware of the very thoughts and beliefs that keep you in the stagnant space you may be in.  
Take a step into a new existence, a new reality of affirming that you have the ability, the courage, the passion to begin to break out of any cycle you would like to change. This is where it begins, and this is where it ends, within you and within your minds thoughts. Write it down, make a note, record it and play it back, just be consistent. It is a very practical manner in which we use this power of the mind to shift our reality. Interesting, right? Attempt it! Trust it! Know it! The life you have envisioned, is not out of your reach, it is within you, and it is waiting for you to claim it. It’s not coming to get you, you must go to get it!  

This is truth, this is life, this is manifestation. You are a miracle and you perfectly created to have the life you choose, if you decide you are worthy and ready to to it!  
Move courageously, gently and so confidently into the new experience you wish to have, with yourself, and your whole life changes! Quiet the smallness of your ego and Light the fire of your soul! It all begins with a choice to say, I am willing to change my life! 
Happy Monday!  

Confidence ~ 

Confidence… Several things come to mind when this word is spoken, or felt.  Confidence, in my mind, is so attractive. It’s attractive in the sense that it means you know who you are, you know what you love, what you need, what makes you happy, what direction you are headed, what empowers you and you are not afraid to create a life of your ideal.  Confidence, in my being, is so necessary.  It allows me to stand solid in my daily moments of drama being conveyed by other People’s realities.  It allows me to stand up for myself, for my beliefs, my values, my goals and my feelings.  It is something that I value, now that I have arrived at true authentic confidence.  Confidence, courage, contentment.  I am humbly confident, and confidently humble…  

Law of Attraction and Timing ~ Is it You or the Universe

The Law of Attraction seems to be at the top of conversation whenever anyone is speaking of creating the life that they desire. Whether it is a new job, dream home, perfect relationship, better body, or anything that we would like to manifest in our physical reality, the Law of Attraction offers the way to create the life we desire purely by asking for what we want!

Everyone has had experiences personally, or they have heard about others attracting that which they desire by simply placing their order with the Universe! We don’t typically hear people speaking up about when it doesn’t happen the way they are told it will. Nor do we often hear why those delays or unintended experiences may be happening. These time delays or unmanifested requests are often the main reason people hold a skeptical attitude towards the process.
Let’s consider the terms resistance vs. allowance when discussing how these time delays can happen when you are manifesting. In other words, are you living in faith or are you living in doubt? It is my experience that if you are not getting what you are asking for, you are most likely living with more doubt than you are faith.

When we are showing up from a space of doubt, we will absolutely have time delays, which can create the feeling that your intended manifestation is not working. However, there is more to this than meets the eye, or in this case, the mind. The time delay is serving as a catalyst, offering you the choice to reassess and choose thoughts and feelings with greater affirmation (faith).

Everything in your life that is happening right now, you have attracted. You have asked for the experiences in one way or another. This may not be something you want to hear, but it is the truth. Once you accept this truth, it can be life transforming.

If you believe you have no power over your life’s circumstances, you will be a victim of life’s circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t use the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction can be a great teacher to show us areas for strengthening within and is tremendously powerful in helping us to create the life we desire.

If we can look at delays as opportunities or tools to really assess what we are thinking and where our thoughts are consciously, we will see that we more than likely need to stay focused on the good and shift from the negative.

It has been proven that a positive thought is 100 times stronger than a negative thought. If you are having negative thoughts you will attract more negative thoughts because your mind is stuck on negative patterned thinking. This is a classic case of passive resistance.

That which you think, so shall you see. You see what you believe. To be in a state of allowing, you must think, feel, and act as though what you are asking for is already on its way. You must feel good about your life and what you are creating. You must trust the process and learn to act from a state of faith. That is the secret.

You must know, without a doubt that you are worthy and able to receive what you are asking for. So ask yourself, are you in a state of resistance, or are you in state of allowing? This is the key to understanding any time delays that you may experience when using the Law of Attraction.

The steps to the Law of Attraction are quite simple. The simplicity can be difficult for many to process and comprehend. Many people over-analyze and believe that to achieve what they desire they must work harder, struggle more or even be more worthy. Oh, that tricky little mind, and the way it likes to bind us to old habits of self-doubt, self-sabotage or self-limiting beliefs.

For this reason, it is so important that we become aware of how we are feeling about the desire we are manifesting and the thoughts about it coming into our lives. One thought of doubt such as, “This is not going to work,” or “I do not deserve this,” or “The Law of Attraction doesn’t really work,” will indeed send that energy out into the universe and I guarantee that you will not see your manifestation materialize.

Let’s look at the process used for the Law of Attraction. The steps to the Law of Attraction are:
1. Ask
2. Believe
3. Receive

That is it! These three easy steps and you can have everything you desire, right? Not so quickly, unfortunately. The first step, Ask, is the easiest and most attainable of the steps. We are putting our order in. We are affirming what we want to see manifest in our lives. Easy peasy.

The second step, Believe, is where this resistance vs. allowing conflict can occur. You see, many of us think that if we ask, we just simply tell ourselves it is on its way and then it manifests. This is not always the case.

If you want to receive, you must believe with all your being that it is coming and you must be willing to allow this manifestation to come, now! Allowing is the essential rule to receiving along with the belief in what you ask for.

To ask for a $50,000 pay increase, feel confident about this happening. Be in a state of mind that has a “knowing” that you are intentionally going after this gain. Feel how it will feel to have this extra $50,000 show up. You will want to express gratitude for it already being on its way, as though it is already deposited in your bank account!

Close your eyes and visualize yourself as you would be or do with this extra income in your life. Actively and intentionally work to create the feelings and awareness that you are ready for this to show up in your life.

Let’s just be realistic that you can’t just sit on the couch and ask for a $50,00.00 pay increase and expect it to show up, right? You have to use your time and energy to work with the universe in creating the reality that you are asking for. You have to be ready to receive this blessing and know you are allowing it to come forth because you know and feel it is!

You have to feel how it feels to have the extra money in your hand, being able to afford the things you will afford when you do! Any negative thought or feeling about this financial increase in your life is doubt, and that is resistance. That resistance sends a mixed message to the universe that you are not ready to receive this increase. You are asking for it on one hand and on the other hand you doubt the reality of its manifestation.

It is very important to learn to master the art of expectation when working with the Law of Attraction. If you want happiness, feel happy! If you want abundance, feel abundant! If you want love, feel the love! The Universe is matching you with the experience that you are ready to feel and receive.

This is where the final step comes in, Receive. And that is it, you sit back and allow it all to come! You have asked, you have set your thoughts and feelings to match the reality of it already existing in your life and now you get to enjoy the experience of having it in your life!

One of the key tools is resolving time delays while you are practicing your skills of manifesting is consistency and diligence. You must commit your time and energy to place the positive expectation there. You must break any negative mental patterns that may be hiding in the subconscious mind. That work can be extensive as these thoughts can be pervasive and hidden, but you can do it! People are working with the law every day, every minute to create beautiful lives because they have learned the secret to allowing the universe to do its work.

Quantum physics has proven that just by merely observing something and giving it attention, we change it! Quantum physics also states that time is an illusion and everything that has happened or is happening is all happening right now. This is amazing! How profound! How absolutely powerful! Let that sink in for a minute.

Your observation has the ability to change the nature of something. Everything you want is available right now! Are you ready to allow this law in your life? Does it feel worthy of giving the time and energy to creating a positive and happy life?

Your thoughts, feelings and active words are creating what you want to see and manifest, whether you are consciously using the Law of Attraction or not! If you are experiencing time delays, think of them as little teachers or messengers that are offering you the lessons that you need to change your manifesting set point and look at your beliefs. Check your thoughts, check how you are feeling and then change it!

You are changing your life, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and you will know that it is because of the energy and intention that you have set to create this life that you desire! Shift your thoughts, shift your feelings and attract a beautiful life! Do not be deterred by delays in receiving what you are asking for, but look at it as an opportunity to make you the greatest creator that you can be! Ask, Believe, Receive!