Book Club ~ The Untethered Soul ~ Chapter 12 ~ Taking Down the Walls

Good morning and Happy March 1st!  For those of us living in Michigan, this day brings a breath of fresh air, with a new moon in Pisces and the Mercury retrograde ending yesterday, let’s just say a new energy abounds… 

We come to part IV of the book which is termed, Going Beyond.  It shifts the discussion from recognizing the thoughts and overwhelming chatter to grasping how to get past the chatter and thoughts that have been keeping you, what may seem, stuck… in your own mind.  

To begin the conversation of this chapter, I love the comparison of being stuck in your house in the middle of this beautiful field of light and empty space.  The sunflower fields surround you and that is part of the beauty of your home, but as time goes by you begin to create more decor on the inside, you add your own artificial light so that you may feel comfortable and safe in your own space.  You have to read and write and so you need to create this light.  You can’t depend on the light from the outside.  You begin to love your space so much that soon begin to forget about the outside and what sits just on the other side of these walls.   You begin to feel so safe within your walls, you create a sense of pride for how perfect your space is.  There is one problem, you have actually closed yourself off from any light from the outside, any new spectrums touching and this is now what you begin to sense as your safety.  But then there comes the day that the lights die and you have no intention of going out to get more lights.  You have not been outside in who know how long, it is scary, it is unknown. You begin to try to control the light with the candles you had, you try to create a sense of control that you can maintain the light with the candles.  It is the day that your housemate comes up and takes you down into the cellar of the house to show you all of the emergency flashlights that can be used to light up your space. What a relief.  So here it is… YOU have the eternal and infinite light inside of you that can change your life.  You can begin to tear your walls down as you enter into this dark space within your being that you just have not discovered yet.  You have not gotten in touch with it yet but it is there.  And this, my friends, is when the journey of what most term, enlightenment, begins.  As you take the time to get to know this infinite space within you, you begin to tear down the walls that you have built to protect yourself.  All the past beliefs, the past wounds, the past experiences come up for healing and we are actually able to let go quite easily once you are ready to move beyond the walls.  The first step that we have come to is recognizing the walls are even there, then recognizing that we built the walls and then being willing to tear down the walls.  And it all can happen with these small moments of clarity as you set with this beautiful light within yourself.  The problem normally comes as we begin to step towards the walls, we can become scared and resist the tearing down, because for Gods sake, these walls have kept us safe, they have kept us feeling comfortable.  The closer you get to the walls the more the resistance will be. The way to get past this is to consciously choose to be aware that you are ready to break free of the prison that you have built around you… You have to be courageous as you step towards breaking free, and let me tell you what courageousness is built from… vulnerability.  Yes, we must be vulnerable to face the fact that we are not supermen, we are not the prison guard and we may actually be wrong and weak in some areas of our lives. To me, this vulnerability is one of the most courageous acts you will do.     You will find yourself stepping through your fear, anger, and many other emotions as you begin to discover your actual freedom.  As I always say, these emotions are just that, emotions. They are just energy and we are made of energy and we can choose to let go of this energy but it takes a conscious choice and then the strength (vulnerability) to allow yourself to move through them to the other side which brings about the greatest light ever.  The more that you travel into this small light within yourself, the bigger it will get  and soon you will be expanded into the light of which is everything , everywhere and you will look back and giggle at the little box you lived in, all the limiting and self sabotaging beliefs you accepted as your reality.  It is so freeing and it so close.  We are moving into some really good parts.  Allow yourself to laugh at yourself, cry or just sit in nonjudgement as you move in to this new awareness and this new beingness and understanding that your freedom sits right on the other side of those fears and lies you have told yourself. 


Are you beginning to see the box you have created?  Are beginning to see the light shining through the darkness?  I hope so.  It escalates from here : )  


Blessings ~ 



Daily Mindful Chat

Today I woke and as usual felt grateful to be alive. I immediately invited the goodness of the world to surrounds and fill me and place me where it will so that I may serve in any way that I can. I began my morning ritual and as I sat down thinking of my prior day and how it effected me, I realized that it is so important to share kindness always. Bitterness in the world will never be healed by more bitterness or more sarcasm. Judgement of others will not be lessened by more banter of why they judge. Pain will never be healed by continuing to talk and carry on and continue the cycle in which you may be causing or allowing your own pain. Dissatisfaction will never become satisfaction by continuing to think about what would satisfy you or why what you have is not. The answer to finding peace within ones self is simply being mindful that we have a choice from moment to moment to allow thing to effect us or not. Mindfulness is the magical dose of happiness that is free of charge and easier than believed to create. It takes time, it takes repetition, it takes forming a new habit, but it saves life’s, it awakens life’s, it changes life’s. As you walk out into the world today, stay present in the moment. Every time your mind want to wander to judge her shoes or say she’s late or how could she do that or he should have down that, just take a deep breath and reset. Let it go! You have no need to worry or judge anyone else. You are really distracting yourself from your own inner work when you choose to focus on others instead of yourself. The greatest Healers and teachers will tell you the same. Until we have mastered the self, we are not using our beautiful intentions to help, to grow or to maintain our closest relations, we are spreading more unjust, senseless and unthoughtful energy around for the sake of allowing our little ego selves feel to acknowledged. So today I ask or challenge this; be bigger, be mindful, and when you want to say something cruel or thoughts become negative, just stop and and tell them you love them. Give them more approval, give the person that judges you approval, give the thoughts that you don’t look good enough approval, give the girl at work that can really press your buttons approval and see how you feel. I guarantee that by the end of the day you will be laughing at yourself and wondering how to stay on such a light place. People are people and things are things. What we see and how we perceive it is all such a personal reality and it is your reality, no one else’s. Today, I ask you to see everything as beautiful, or growing, or perfect, or nothing that matters. 80% of what we think daily does nothing for the goodness of our lives. Let’s reverse that figure and mindfully choose to have 80% of our lives be intentionally filled with beauty, acceptance and love. Let me know how you feel at the end of your day ;).

Happy Tuesday!



Book Club ~ Chapter 11 ~ The Untethered Soul ~ Pain, The Price of Freedom

This chapter challenges you once again to really look at the way that the pains and old wounds that sit in your heart are effecting your life daily.  The truth is that no true transformation or growth happens until we are willing to take an uncomfortable look at the reasons why things in our lives keep happening and to shift to a higher spiritual and free mental existence.  You see, emotions are just emotions.  I don’t mean to sound uncompassionate because I certainly am.  I just know that they are like little annoying bugs that you can’t stand to see or feel on you so you do anything to avoid them and certainly don’t want anyone to think that you have bugs on you.  Emotions are energy.  They are either an energy that expands you in a feeling of happiness and everything being good, or they are an energy, that if doesn’t feel good, we tend to hold them in and hide them in hopes that no one will know our weakness.  When you were abandoned by a parent as a child, you built a belief that people will always leave you so you better always be on your best behavior, always be perfect and never bring problems or failures to the table because surely people will leave you.  It is the same as when you went to grandmas and she baked homemade cookies and the smell and feeling of eating those cookies was so deliciously delightful, the energy of that will stay with you and when you are around fresh baked cookies you will feel expanded with happiness and good feelings because of what it represents for you energetically or emotionally.  Since the feelings and energy you experience from grandmas cookies are so pleasant you welcome that to your awareness.  When we have a painful event that leads to the thought or fear that we may be left alone or someone may leave us we then react quite differently.  we tend to do anything we can to defend, resist and protect from anything like that happening.  And if it does happen we experiences so much pain for a light experience because  of the deep seated pain that has been sitting for so long. When he speaks of the way that people hide in friendships,  You want to make sure that everyone likes you because if they don’t like you, you must be awful, there must be something wrong with you and so you try harder and harder to be the person that everyone likes.  How tiring.  It tires me just typing that thought.  You try to keep a busy schedule with friends and always try to keep your day filled so that you don’t have to think about any of the painful events or feelings that lurk inside.  So the only way to move to freedom is to recognize that you are doing this, and to recognize that those painful emotions that lie deep must come up and out.  It most likely will be painful, but temporary, like unplugging a clogged sink, the pressure before the water flows again is intense but once it is cleared, you are free!  Watch and see how you try to hide from your pains.  Be aware.


Perspective changes make this quite easy to do as well.  I love how he humbles the reader by asking you to walk out side, look up in the sky, notice all the stars, the trillions of stars, and realize that if you were standing on any of the surfaces of those stars you would see our planet as the same of a trillion others.  Then realize you are just here, standing on this round sphere of dirt and that it is your life.  I mean, ultimately, that is your existence, and then think of how juvenile things can enter into your life as if it  is the end of the world if Sally doesn’t like your outfit.  Forget about Sally, Forget about your clothes, you are you, and you are being offered the opportunity to find the greatest experience of life which is freedom to be who you are. the awareness and courage to let things that come to you pass through you without resistance or pain.  The reality is that you can not spend your life resisting any negative experiences.  IT won’t happen. So the powerful thing to do is to learn that  there are going to be negative things that happen and that it okay.  We just learn to not attach to them and then we experience them for what they are and are free from holding on to hang of it.  Like a wave from the ocean just washing over you, and then it is gone.  


We are learning to be less resistant to the world around us, we are learning to take responsibility for how we feel and learning to be at peace with these emotions that we make so all encompassing.  We must learn to move with them and let them go.  We must learn to ask why are these things bothering us, and when we really look, with no fear, we learn that it is not about what is happening in that moment.  We are responding from an old wound and we are being offered the perfect opportunity to let it go and be free!  


Freedom and peace is what we all desire.  If you do not recognize this, you have a long way to go to attain the peaceful  and spiritual experience of life you may think you do!  Keep letting go, keeping being vulnerable and keep allowing yourself more joyful experiences that not!  


Happy Saturday! 


Blessings ~ 



Today’s Pondering on Our Reality

Isn’t it amazing the way things can change in a day, an hour, a moment? Since everything is effecting everything we are constantly being challenged to grow, change or stand strong in the belief or habit we have around such an issue. I find it mesmerizing how people can fool themselves into thinking they are happy when unhappiness is what lingers around them. They look for ways to get out of their daily consciousness because in honesty they are not happy or at peace. I realize that most people work stressful jobs, long hours and find themselves feeling pressure from their bosses, spouses, children, friends, etc. what I don’t understand is why they accept this as their only choice.

I think it is important to note that often the people that suffer with these misconceptions of reality are not willing to let go of old ways. The old ways feel more comfortable than the new, or growth. They tend to cling to things that make them feel “normal”, and ultimately they repress the growth that can happen from intentionally looking for a new way to find balance with their daily life at work and their personal life at home. I remember being in my younger 20′s and thinking I had it all figured out. I would work hard, and play harder. That became a bleak reality as I grew. I realized quickly that there was no true growth there and that ultimately it left me feeling tired, overworked and stressed. So I changed all of it. I have been a seeker since I was 5 years old and have lived with all kinds of perceptions as my truth which leads me to believe that we are all creating the lives we love, they may be sprinkled with stress, frustration, need for withdrawal or they may be sprinkled with acceptance, time to rebalance and gratitude for the awareness to practice finding peace within such a busy world.

I share this because ultimately I have come to accept that I am “lame” in comparison to many peoples lifestyles and I am ok with it. I love it! I embrace it! I am also more at peace with life that most. This is not to boast, it is to say I am so grateful I am no longer in the rat race, chasing a life that isn’t possible for me and trying to say that I need to change to party more, be more, say more. I love where I Am, who I am and all the things that come with accepting my imperfections.

Today, I hold compassion for those chasing the fast life, thinking that is what life is, that the faster and busier your life is the better it will be. Let me tell you, it is all the same cycle if you don’t change within to accept the life you live and make peace with it. If you need change, change it. No one is going to save you, no drinking is going to take away your worry and no crowd will make you forget your own stresses. One day, you will get it, maybe. But look at the men you admire, the women that inspire you… are balanced, poised and clearly moving in a direction to success of themselves and their maturity is what is so attractive. We all learn at our own pace, but today, I will intentionally visualize the world finding peace within, not in the world. Keep looking in the world and I guarantee you pain, stress, frustration and bad health. Get it together people. And this is not coming from a place of judgement, it is coming of a place of genuine concern and compassion. If your lost, get found. And if you have been looking for awhile, maybe it is time to change where you are looking


Book Club ~ Chapter 10 ~ The Untethered Soul ~ Stealing Freedom For Your Soul ~

This chapter gets deeper as it makes you look at what you are personally choosing and taking responsibility for.  I love it!!!  We are constantly being offered a choice in how we will perceive things and let them effect us.  So, can you really just decide you don’t want to suffer anymore and begin to change what is happening in your life?  YES!  You truly can.  That is the first step.  Just like an addict, the first step is to recognize that there is a problem and then you decide where you will go from that awareness.  This awareness is usually the beginning of a beautiful unfolding of your life. 

Most attempts to have everything be perfect is truly the rejection of our fears and pains.  We continue to look outside and think that if we just keep everything out there looking good and perfect that everything within will be a mirror of that.  The problem is that it is the other way around.  We must find peace and perfection within before we can see it in the outside world.  We are often sitting with deep wounds that are hidden by the mind.  We play games around them.  We are sad because they said that, or they did that or  they didn’t do that or only if this or only if that.  What a neurotic joke!  The kicker is that you are doing it to yourself.  Ready to stop?  : )   The reality is that we do not want to feel the pain, we do not want to admit that we are fearful. In every moment we are either protecting the fearful space within or we are aware of the fearful place within.  Either way you act, you are creating your reality of more disappointments or more enlightenments.  I love the perspective of the psyche is communicating that it needs attention when you are in fear or when you are suffering like the body communicates through physical pain.  It is a sign that we must do some work to fix the melodrama.  You mind is misleading you if you are not healed.  A disturbed mind will continue to lead you down the wrong road.  You will constantly think someone should fix it, someone else should make you feel better, blah blah blah.  Its is a trap. We must break the cycle.  

And then we come to the root problem, the core issue… The issue that you do not feel whole and complete within yourself!  That may be hard to hear but understand that until you accept this you will continue with the anxious, problematic and blaming mind.  Once you accept that you are the problem, the whole thing changes.  We begin to look where we can fix things, how we can let go of old pains and lies about our life.  Until then, you go on trying to cover it up with things, your clothes, your relationship, your job, your car, etc etc.

“the truth is everything will be ok once you are ok with everything”, is the most simple truth stated.  Wayne Dyer states, “you will see it when you believe it”, what a beautiful and empowering truth.  It changed my life years ago.  The mind is simply a computer with files that keep playing in the background.  It may just simply need a reboot.  Stop clinging to the old model, the safe way.  Lets empty the files, learn the newest and most eloquent ways to use the new space made by emptying the files and create a perfect and easy computer to maintain.  Its like going from an old gateway to a mac.  You will never beat the old mind, stop trying, it will win every time if you do not realize that you must just learn to let go and be still.  Find the quiet,  and for this it takes commitment and time.  We must retrain the brain to silence.  It can be done.  It is beautiful.  I love my mind and it is my friend.  I still have moments of anxiety but when I look at what is happening, it is my own wounds that trying to trap me and carry me into an old familiar melodrama.  Not going there!!!  Become the observer and watch the mind.  Watch it, look at it, see it, and then laugh at it!  It is a fricken joke : )  You are so much more than your mind.  

I think it is very powerful to remind yourself what is real.  stopping through the day often and realizing you are this little being, sitting in your house, which is one city, in one state, in one nation, on one continent, in the middle of water, spinning in a universe that is endless, with who knows how many other planets.  Its humbling and it is huge to think of this.  Do it… These moments do create centered consciousness.  


Happy Saturday and Happy Growing!  

Book Club ~ Chapter 9 ~. Removing Your Inner Thron

Good morning! I am so sorry that This chapter did not post last weekend! I used my iPad and it usually does. Someone pointed out that it did not. So we are at Chapter 9 since it did not post! Happy weekend! Happy reading, happy growing and happy living!

What is your inner thorn? As you read this chapter were you aware of your thorn? Were you aware you had one? Can you see how ever in your life you actually tried to hide the Thorn, push it down and deny it was there? When was the time that you couldn’t deny it anymore? Maybe you lost someone or something valuable to you by trying to hide and deny that you had anything wrong. Maybe you were aware and able to move through the thorn? Find it, respect it, learn what it is and then let it go? That is what we want to do. When we protect ourselves we do not solve anything, we actually create so much anxiety if we do not let it go. You have been resisting it and allowing yourself to heal from it. Being sensitive is a beautiful thing, but if we have these inner thorns it is not a good combo. We want to honor our sensitivities in life but we must not ignore the thorns. Do you see that you avoid situations that may touch the sensitive part? This is how we can end up hardened and closed to life and it’s beauty.

These inner thorns are like little gifts waiting to be opened. Every time that you get in contact with one of your thorns, you release so much stagnant and anxious energy in your body. You let go of so much mental energy by letting go of the need to think of how to protect, resist and hide your inner wounds. It’s not worth it! Do not doubt yourself! Know that you are stronger than this little thorn and begin to be aware of how it has been effecting your life. You are not your thorn, the thorn is staying with you. It is not you, but you must stop identifying yourself with them. It sounds so easy and it is! You must get in touch with them and bring them up and let them go. The problem is that you think too much about how you can’t let it go. I work with clients in letting go all the time and it is easier than you know. Fragments of the thorn may come back up every once in awhile but you will feel empowered and able to let go of any old energy ready to leave! I am going to hold an emotional release workshop on such subject. The emotions and feelings are not you! They seem so real and so daunting but they are not you, they a part of you. They are offering you an experience of letting go and learning how to be In the moment, witness it and let it go! Free! More energy, more blessings and genuine peace!

Become an observer of the experiences of this life, it is a part of the paradigm but it not the whole picture! We are learning new ways, new techniques. This is most likely one of the tougher chapter since it really makes you look in spaces of yourself you may have been denying. Don’t run, open to it :). Let it go!

Blessings ~


Book Club ~ The Untethered Soul ~ Chapter 8 ~ Let Go Now or Fall

Good Sunday morning!  What an amazing morning it is!  This chapter is by far my favorite and I assume that each one will be from here on out : )  This is a lot of the type of work I do with clients as they come in aware that they have all these wounds that they need to be free from.  It can ruin our daily lives to not be aware of how old wounds, pains and fears can keep us stagnant and creating the same old dramas, day in and day out.  The control you attempt to have to keep people from seeing them, triggering them and basically keeping yourself from truly having a vulnerable and happy life.  You are doing this unconsciously, well not you per say, but anyone struggling with fears and questioning why they can not find happiness.   The key is to let it go.  It is always the answer.  There is nothing in this life that is worthy of us carrying it around in a suitcase of harbored pains and resentments that we continue to attract to us because it is where our focus sits.  The world can become frightening and scary and unfair if we continue see through the wounded perception that we have not been able to let go of.  And as you pain yourself over and over, you also begin to pain those around you as you constantly project out the notion that they, too, will ultimately create the same scenario because this is what you know, expect and are unaware that you continue to create.  If we can get to a place where we become truly aware that these wounds are being hit on when things like this happen, we can see it as an opportunity to become free!  It really is that simple too, however all of the thoughts and feelings that you have held on to, unknowingly, will not allow you to do this.  It wants to keep you protected from feeling this way, so you run, or you defend or you blame.  All these things add up to more pain that you create for yourself.  Often I do have people that come to me that think if they leave their partners or their job, their life will get better.  Well, as i understand that this can at times create the space you need, it is often after you have done the work of healing those wounded places you can have any clarity as such.  I mean really, when you are walking around with arrows sticking out of your body from old fears, old wounds and old pains, how can anyone truly love and support you?  You are not being honest when you think you are.  It is easier to come from a place of control or anger or blame than to look at any possibility you had anything to do with how you are feeling.  And then, if you become aware enough or trust enough to attempt to sit back and let go in the moment of the clenching, the anger, the fear and just allow yourself to feel it, and then let it move and then cry or scream or do whatever it takes to feel that some of this energy lets go, you can begin to experience the freedom that comes from letting go.  Let me ask you this, how freeing would it be, if you could never ever again blame anyone for how you feel?  I mean never ever!!!  Life is all about you and how you see it and how you choose to experience it.  You would no longer attempt to look at everything everyone else is doing wrong.  You just stay focused on you and how you are feeling and always stay in the most positive state you know.  Learning to let go of everything around you so that you can just be the experiencer, the one that watches, is aware and never ever blames again.  You would take your power back, you would begin to become more clear that work that needs done is on you, in you and no one else.  Let everyone else do their own work and have empathy for their path as well. 


If you truly want to grow, you know that you must let go of your stuff… That is why most of you are reading this.  That is what most of us want.  Lets do it… Break on through the lie.  Break out of your box you have created.  Be brave and be free to let go of anything that has hurt you, knowing it is just an experience.  It is not truth, it is true, but it is not truth.  Truth is that you are free to be whatever you choose, feel whatever you choose to feel.  Lets continue to move in the direction of always being open, always being free and always able to let go!!!  Happy Sunday!  

Book Club ~ The Untethered Soul ~ Transcending the Tendency to Close ~

What a beautiful morning it is here in Howell this morning.  To say that this weather is pleasing me, is a great understatement.  I think it is such a beautiful reflection of the great vastness of our universe.  How amazing is it to walk outside and see a blanket of while fluffy snow all over everything, slowing people down, creating a beautiful landscape, a quiet escape from the usual business and fast pace.  I love it!!!  I am actually laying in my cozy bed with my sweet 5 month old lab puppy as I write this.  We have officially decided that we are following the pace of all the schools and local government offices that have closed for the day.  We are declaring a day of a quick walk, warm fires, snuggles in the blankets, good reading and relaxing as mother nature proves that she is the more powerful of wills!  I can humbly let her win :)


I took a week break as well from posting anything due to the holidays.  What an amazing holiday it was.  There were so many highlights, too many to list actually other than it was amazing to host both of our families for Christmas dinner, it was so special to be able to gift those we love with what we did, and it was an almost surreal morning on Christmas day as my partner proposed to me :)  What a celebration.  I can say I was becoming ridiculously comfortable with the idea of single life in my mid life!  Love is truly a mystery!   So I am back on track with the blog and looking forward as we go further!


Chapter 7 was insightful as to how we protect those gaping wounds that get imprinted on our being and what that can cause for us as we move through life.  It is so important that we become aware of those wounds so that we can let them go instead of allowing life to pour salt on those sensitive parts of ourselves which create pain and suffering for us and those close to us. As you read this, did you have any insights to your wounds and what they were?  Were you able to recognize the patterns that these wounds have created for you?  As you pull back and try to protect this weak or vulnerable part of your self you actually pain yourself more.  It is of the utmost importance that we learn to open up these wounds to be able to heal them so that do not continue to show up in our relationship to ourselves and others. What this means is that you will never grow if you do not allow yourself to get to know and express this painful space.  As I tell all my clients, pain is temporary, emotions are temporary.  Emotions are guideposts, they are not our reality if we choose to stay centered in a balanced strong space and that often means meeting our wounds in the face and working through them once and for all.

If you are not centered, your consciousness is just following whatever grabs its attention.  That is a quote from the chapter.  How true!  So for me the important thing to take from this is to learn to center.  Do not be like the cat or puppy that follows the red little light moving all over the wall because it knows no better.  You KNOW better!  You now know that you can somewhat  change this auto response you are functioning from if you attempt to center.  Center in your being, know who YOU are and watch what your weakness is.  Notice in situations when the tightening happens, when are not breathing as much, when you want to run and hide.  When this happens, do your best to stand strong and breathe, just keep breathing and remember this is just an experience.  We can let it happen and just be with it.  Let it surface and allow it to move through you instead of getting stuck!  Stand for something or fall for anything?  Kind of, yet much more gentle!

The next uber important part of this chapter, to me, was how the emotional discomfort inflates as focus on the pain, on the thing we are experiencing.  We want to change it, we want to control it, we want to push it away.  Why, why, why, only makes it worse!  We focus on it and give it so much energy that we can not focus on anything else.  It is ridiculous.  I say this because I have experienced this firsthand.  It is no joke!  It was the only time in my life I experienced anxiety and it was gripping.  I was exhausted from the frustration.  I was obsessed with figuring it out.  Let me tell you as well that I created so much other crap during that time out of my unconscious drifting that carried me to the things that my negative mind was attracting.  Sad, very sad.  I am so grateful that phase is over.  IT was a valuable time for me.  I learned a lot about myself and the mind and how we get lost in things that do not matter.  I surely enjoy an centered and grounded feeling much more !  I think I will stay here : )   When have you ever experienced this gripping feeling?  It makes you feel small, it makes everything feel scary!  please share if it feels right!

Your center of consciousness is always stronger than that which is pulling it.  This is so true.  So do try to watch the next time you get anxious or notice the feelings of discomfort coming.  When they come try to watch them.  Just observe them.  I know that you will begin to see the absurdity of that which our mind will do to us. It is time that we begin to harness our beings power to direct our life instead of being carried all over by thoughts and old wounds, isn’t it?

Happy Snow Day and Many Blessings ~